Nature Journaling

I love nature journaling and often teach classes for other homeschool moms on how to teach nature journaling to kids. I keep my teaching notes in my own nature journal and love to share them as a resource.

If you would like to try nature journaling yourself or with your kids, here are some notes and resources that could help.


  1. Nature Journal Notes

2. TED Talk by John Muir Laws

He is a master teacher and love watching him teach. I take notes on what he says, as well as his expressions, mannerisms, and interactions with his audience. Watching him teach makes me a better teacher, and will do the same for you.

2. Link to book How To Teach Nature Journaling. (It is free as an ebook or printable book, or you can buy a printed copy.)

This book contains hundreds of nature journaling activities that you could do with your kids or co-op.

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