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As I wrote in my previous post, I am loving my disc-bound planner. I use a mix of purchased and DIY pages in my planner, and wanted to share my custom-made pages in the post. Maybe you will love them too.

Every person is different in how we like to plan, so please take these for what they are–ideas from one person–and adapt them to fit you. Do what feels correct for you.

These printables are free, so please download for personal use. May they bless your organization efforts.

Meal Planning

As I plan meals for my family, I like to keep a list of “Brainless Crowd Pleasers,” as Kendra Adachi from The Lazy Genius Podcast suggests. This is a list of meals that are easy for me to make and generally pleasing to most of the people eating them. You will find a printable of a place to make a list of Brainless Crowd pleasers for your family. (Things like tacos, hot dogs, spaghetti, etc.) See our family’s list of Brainless Crowd Pleasers HERE.

I also make a weekly meal plan. I used to plan meals by days of the week, but found that I wasn’t really sticking to that schedule and also that I tend to cook something from general categories every week. I included a printable based on days of the week and another based on the categories I generally cook from. Note: Sandwiches & Wraps includes (and usually is) tacos or fajitas.

When I am planning my meals, I write the name of the meal on the meals list, then jot down the grocery items I will need to purchase to make those meals on the right. It is helpful to have both on the same piece of paper. While I am shopping, I cross off items on my list. It makes the grocery half of the page very messy (see image on left). Once I am done shopping, I like to fold the page in half on the red dotted line and hide my mess. I punch both sides of the page so that it fits into my planner folded in half (seem image on right).


I like to have two types of calendar going. One is a monthly calendar where I write all of the events and activities of our family: meetings, piano lessons, trips to the city, etc. The other is a weekly planner where I include tasks for the events and personal goals. I put the weekly planner pages after the monthly calendar and have a bookmark to mark where I am.

Two-page monthly calendar, page 1
Two-page monthly calendar, page 2
Weekly planner
Weekly planner blank

Other Awesome Stuff

Birthday List, printable dot grid notes paper

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